The Cassidys of Co. Donegal, Ireland

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Researching the Cassidy family tree

Welcome to, dedicated to the branch of the Cassidy family from County Donegal, Ireland. Search the online Cassidy database of more than 550 relations with more than 100 different surnames. And if you're a Cassidy researching your family tree, we want to hear from you in our online Cassidy forum. Check out our album of Cassidy photos and don't forget to sign our guestbook. If you're a Cassidy genealogist, be sure to leave your name and contact information in our Cassidy contacts section. is constantly changing, so be sure to bookmark this site or join our mailing list and get e-mails when this site is updated.

The Cassidys of Donegal

From Boston to New York and Dublin to Donegal, the Cassidys have spread around the globe. We are Irish patriots, World War veterans, priests, publicans, and story-tellers. So take a look around our website. You may discover cousins you never knew you had. And don't forget to let us know you're here.

Connecting the Cassidys

Whether you live in Ireland or America, Dublin or California, if you're a Cassidy you're one of us. So keep in touch with your Cassidy relatives by adding your name and e-mail address to our growing Cassidy Directory. Our goal is to connect as many Donegal Cassidys as possible by expanding this list. 

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