Our Cassidy Branch
An overview of the various Cassidy branches from Donegal detailed on this site.

Cassidy’s from Drumbar

Drumbar Cassidy Tree and Photos
By John Cassidy

The Lost Battalion of World War I — The Donegal Connection
By John Cassidy

Edward John Cassidy
By Kathleen Anne O’Callahan Payne

Bridget McNulty Cassidy
By Kathleen Anne O’Callahan Payne

Patricia Mary Cassidy O’Callahan
By Kathleen Anne O’Callahan Payne

Cassidy’s from Clogher

Introduction to the Clogher/Aughlem Cassidy Family Tree
By John Cassidy (”Scotty”)

The Cassidys of Clogher
By John Cassidy
Extensive profile on John and Kitty Cassidy, the oldest known Cassidys in the Clogher/Aughlim line.

John Cassidy and Kitty McGinty
Brief summary of the 19th Century couple.

The Cassidys
Brief history of the Cassidys of Donegal, both in Leghowney and in Aughlem.
By Don Cassidy

Cassidy’s from Aughlem

Francis Cassidy and Sally Freel
Brief summary of the first Aughlem Cassidys

Francis Cassidy and Julia Brennan
The parents of Marion, John B. Donald, Eileen Ita et. al

John Brennan Cassidy and the Black & Tans
Son of Francis and Julia — “John B. and the Black and Tans”

Father Daniel Hugh Cassidy
A Josephite priest, active for 50 years in Maryland and Louisiana

Cassidy’s from Leghowney

Descendants of Mary McGuire Cassidy

Descendants of Mary Devlin Cassidy

Frank Cassidy
World War I veteran and early 20th Century immigrant to the United States.
By Don Cassidy

Frank Cassidy
“The Young Fella”
By Don Cassidy

The Sons of James Cassidy

Betty Gallagher’s Leghowney Photos

Donegal Townlands and Parish of Tawnaw

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