Mary (McGuire) Cassidy

Peggy Cassidy Murphy- Mary Cassidy Bradley- Catherine Cassidy Quinn- Sally Cassidy McGinty- Dennis Cassidy- Patrick Cassidy- Bridget Cassidy (USA)- Alice Cassidy (Canada)

Peggy Cassidy Murphy:
Mary Ann Gallagher- Married Neale Gallagher and moved to Pennsylvania- Their son Neale Gallagher was a mine superintendent; his son, Walter Neal, became a Navy dentist and author and settled in Bethesda, Maryland; his son, Walter Neal is a retired Navy dentist in Ill.

Margaret Cassidy Slevin
Little else is known.

Married James Cassidy, children: Edward Cassidy (and Elizabeth- Ballyshannon), Andrew (and Marion Bayonne), Frank (and Eileen, N.Y. N.J. & Mass.), Michael (and Marie), N.Y. and N.J., John, Paddy      ( Captain in patriot movement), Anthony ( veteran of Barnesmore incident, Mary & Maggie.

Foster parents of Willie Gallagher, (Scotland), Pat Quigley (England), John Alexander (Leghoney)

Mary Cassidy Bradley
William Bradley
John Bradley
Next generation- Willie Bradley (and Mary) Riverdale, N.Y.- Children: Rev. Msgr. Bill Bradley, Peggy, Tom and John.
– Sarah Bradley (John Callahan), N.Y. and Drumbar.
Rose Bradley

Catherine Cassidy Quinn- descendents moved to Rhode Island

Sally Cassidy McGinty
Mary Doherty etc.
-Their  descendents were Therese Connors (Bayonne), Alice O’Shea (N.Y.) etc.
Therese Connors children include Buddy Connors, a decorated WWII hero.

Dennis Cassidy
-Joseph, John, James, Dennis, Patrick and Mickey
Their descendents include Dennis and Katie

Patrick Cassidy
His descendent is wee Peggy, who adopted Billy Coleman and Dessi