Sons of James Cassidy

By Don Cassidy

Andy arrived in Bayonne in 1912, served in WWI, married Marion and worked for Esso for many years.   His children are: Frank, Marion and Andy.

Paddy served in the Volunteers, captured after gun fight in Cavan, was imprisoned in Derry in 1920, returned to the farm in 1921, raised sheep and cattle.

Anthony was  the youngest son.   Broke a finger in the Barnesmoore raid; spent his life farming.

Frank arrived in Bayonne in 1914; served in France during WWI.     Married Eileen; their children are Jimmy and Donal;  Lived in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Worked many years for Bordens.

Michael arrived in Bayonne in 1923.  Married Marie; their children are Ann, Michael, Peggy and John.  Was New York City bus driver for many   years.   Built his own house from the ground up in New Jersey.

Eddy moved to Ballyshannon; married Elizabeth. Owned and operated a clothing  shop for many years.

John James died at an early age (around 20) from the flu during the pandemic of 1918.

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